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Do you want a full bike tour customized or edit the ones listed? Do you have any preferences about the places to cross, the type of bicycle to use, the difficulties, the duration or something else?

Well, Jesi Bike Tours is the perfect solution for you! We can plan together a custom tour in which the essential components are emotional factors, the need to exclusivity and the level of involvement.

Who can take part of guided bike tours?
Everybody in good health condition; under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. A minimum athletic training and bike control is required.
Is a particular training necessary to participate?
A particular athletic training isn’t requested. But we suggest having a look to distance, technical difficulty and athletic difficulty.
Are guided bike tours recommended for beginners?
There are solutions for everyone. Guided bike tours are also customizable according to the level of the participants, designed and defined based on your requests.
Is my bicycle good for guided bike tours?
See in the specific section of tours’ characteristics which is the best type of bicycles. (Mountain Bike, Bici strada, Gravel, E- bike).
Is really a good habit checking own bicycles before a ride?
As a bicycle a mechanical vehicle it needs maintenance service. So check its conditions before a tour, paying particular attention on brakes and tires, which must be in a good state.
Is it possible to rent a bike?
This service isn’t available, but we can book bikes for you. Contact us to find a solution.
How can I book a tour?
Click on “BOOK”, compile the form and send it.
In a short time you’ll receive availability and all info without obligation.
Or, if you prefer, you can contact us on WhatsApp at +39 366 27 20 333.
Can I do a last minute booking?
Yes you can, simply contact us!.
How can I reach the meeting point and the starter point of tours?
Instructions to reach the meeting point and all info are sent to you with the booking confirmation specific for the tour that you have chosen.
What kind of clothing is recommended?
It’s recommended a technical/sports clothing as: cycling shorts, breathable t-shirt and windbreaker and rainwear jacket.
Shoes can be hiking boots or shoes with attacks with graft for cleat.
We recommend also goggles and cycling gloves. You must wear a helmet, safety should always come first.
Is wearing helmet required?
Yes it is. You must wear a helmet during all the tour, safety first.
What’s included in every guided tours?
Assistance throughout all tour by a certified guide able to guarantee maximum safety and with a great knowledge of the area.
What are MTB Guide’s skills during bike tours?
MTB Guide gives you directions on journey and information on landscape. The guide is also at your disposal in case of a tire drilling or small mechanical failures to the bicycle.
Have I to follow specific conduct rules?
We follow the philosophy of the NORBA Association. Download NORBA’s guidelines.

How choose tour and the correct bike for it?

The premise is: haven’t got the appropriate bike shouldn’t be a reason to give up. There is always a solution!

Anyway, the difference between “street bike” or “off” always remains. Therefore, in order to facilitate understanding what is the best bike for every tour, we can identify bike in the following categories:

MOUNTAIN BIKE: these bikes prefer roads and paths. They have knobby shells, gearbox with short reports to tackle even the toughest climbs, suspension and hydraulic disc brakes;

ROAD BIKES: they are projected for speed with compact geometries that make them extremely responsive to each push on the pedals. They also have thin tires and foster roads on asphalt;

GRAVEL: they are a compromise that combine some features and advantages of racing bike and mountain bikes. The tires are wider than road bikes and with tessellation, so they are good for unpaved and paved roads;

E-BIKE: it’s a good bike for everyone, but particularly appropriate to those who haven’t got a specific training. They are right for any type of road surface, but better for roads and paths.

Half Day
Full Day

Half Day
Full Day

Half Day
Full Day

Prices include the assistance of a certificated guide who guarantees security, knowledge of the Marche territory during all bike tour. Contact us and ask a quote; our offers are flexible and customizable.

Our aim is helping people to decide the tour according to its athletic difficulty and technical difficulty, so everyone can choose the best one thinking about the own training level and ability to ride.


Each journey is assigned a difficulty scale athletics. Essentially it relates to the kind of climbs, descents, average gradient, the gradient and the total distance to be faced up.

Little slope up to 7% or medium slope from 7% to 12% at times
Distance in Km
From 20 to 30
Difference in level in mt
From 300 to 800

Average slope from 7 to 12%
Distance in Km
From 30 to 40
Difference in level in mt
From 800 to 1300

Average slope from 7 to 12% or strong climb over 12% sometimes
Distance in Km
More than 40
Difference in level in mt
More than 1300


Difficulty is subjective and different. Have a look to technical difficulty board, but it’s important knowing the own ability as well.

Type of road
Unpaved roads – Paths
Skills required
Good direction and management, ability to overcome simple obstacles.

Type of road
Unpaved roads – Paths – Muletrack
Skills required
Excellent balance, active conduction because obstacles aren’t simple.

Type of road
Unpaved roads – Paths – Muletrack – Single Track
Skills required
Conduction ability using different techniques to decide the best way to do.


Paved roads:
They represent the main way of the territory, such as state roads, provincial roads, many comunal roads and any other roads made with asphalt.

Unpaved roads:
They are cart roads with a gravel or natural surface, such as forestall roads, usually comfortable and flowing. They are often called “white roads” or unpaved roads.

They are runways with a natural surface in rocks, grass and irregular ground, that sometimes looks not cycle lane due to good climb.

They are routes with natural ground used by hikers. The slope is variable, ranging from flat to steep sections. The ground may be sliding or obstructed by stones, roots and rock steps.

Single track:
The main characteristic is in the landscape, characterized by humps and bumps, curves and twists, rocks and roots, trunks and steps into an active and continuous evolution of the path’s ground.

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